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About the World Cup

The inaugural 3&3 mixed volleyball world cup is going to be held in Tateyama city, Chiba, Japan.

International fellowship and a mixed gender sport

Males and females play hard together and share the same passion, beyond the differences in gender and nationality.
We are hoping not only to organize the World Cup, but also create a community to support future mixed volleyball World Cups held in other parts of the world.
Our goal is to provide opportunities for as many amateur volleyball players as possible to work towards and possibly participate in future World Cups.

What is Mixed Volleyball?

Male and female players together in a team supporting each other to keep the ball alive before making an attack, just like ordinary volleyball. A female player could often be on the receiving end of a male player’s powerful spike, or could wisely take advantage of a male player’s blocking attempt to score a point.
Regardless of the gender, the excitement shared among all players, as the team scores a point after working hard to keep the ball alive, is something special.
All you need is 3 males and 3 female players. This sport can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone at any age.


Name of the competition The 1st 3&3 Mixed Volleyball World Cup.
Venue Chiba Prefectural Tateyama Sports Park Gym (TBC in March 2019 )
Dates Wednesday the 4th March 2020 — Sunday the 8th March 2020
Main host NPO Japan Mixed Volleyball Association
Support group Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SPORT FOR TOMORROW, beyond 2020 program, Tateyama City, Tateyama City Board of Education, Chiba Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture Board of Education, Tateyama City Chamber of Commerce, (public) Japan Volleyball Association, Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Official PR partner
Special support group MYVOLLEY.RU since1995
Official ambassador Kentaro Asahi (Member of the House of Councillors)

Categories and rulesThere will be 3 categories running at the same time throughout the competition.
Each team needs to choose to enter one of the categories shown below.
FREE Category

No restriction

SHINOBI Category

Players must be under 185cm tall

SAMURAI Category

Total age of the 6 players on the court must be greater than 220 years old

[General rules for all categories]

  • ・Male and female players must alternate positions (Always 3 males and 3 females on the court).
  • ・Both male and female play under the normal volleyball rules.
  • ・A player can only be substituted by a player of the same gender, including the libero.
  • ・Each team is allowed to have 4 liberos in the roster. All of the back row players can be the liberos.
  • ・Jump serve and back row attack are not allowed.

Expected teamTBA in September 2019

Regulations and notes[Eligibility criteria for teams]

  • 1. Recommended by the national volleyball association
  • 2. Recommended by the volleyball association of the city
  • 3. Recommended by the chairperson of NPO Japan Mixed Volleyball Association
  • 4. The team representative can be contacted via Facebook
  • *At least one of the above is required

[Eligibility criteria for players]

  • 5. Considered as an adult in their own country(Regional passport holder or Regional resident)
  • 6. If you have proper reason for up to 1-male and 1-female. In that case you must apply exception
  • 7. Able to pay for return flights to Japan, accommodation and transport expenses
  • 8. All players must check-in to the hotel on time
  • 9. All players must obtain a visa on time (only if required)

大会エントリー【参加申し込みはこちら】[Host liability]

  • ・Preparation of the documents needed for visa applications
  • ・Covering the cost of the ceremony
  • ・Organizing the competition
  • ・Volunteer interpreters
  • ・Potential financial support for each team

Each team will have a designated volunteer interpreter.
We are committed to providing sufficient support for all players.
Financial support for each team is being arranged currently.
However, it depends on the number of sponsors, therefore please be aware that support may not be available.



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