Thoughts on the World Cup

Thoughts on the World Cup

◇ Why is the world cup held in February 2024?

The first world cup was held in March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began.While the neighboring gymnasium closed, we were worried that we might be told to stop using the gymnasium the next day, but thanks to the patience and efforts of many people, including participants and officials, we were able to hold the world cup.

In the plan, we prepared a lot of things to entertain the participants and the local people.While we began to hear doubts about the event, we decided to cancel it once five days before the world cup, but we decided to hold it due to the opinion of my friends, but various events were canceled and the world cup was held without spectators.Even during the World Cup, we spent our time worrying about when the government might have to tell the participants not to go out of the hotel. It’s a memory we don’t want to remember.
On the other hand, I have a feeling of gratitude that we will never forget for the collaborators, teams, and those who were involved at that time.

Two and a half years have passed since then. The impact of COVID-19 is still deep-rooted, and many people are experiencing a time when it is hard to have dreams and hopes due to the COVID-19 disaster.The number of people who continued to play group sports as working adults has dropped by half, and the number ofjunior high and high school club members has also decreased significantly.Tournaments and events were canceled one after another, and we spent the days of patience. Group sports for working adults are inactive now.

In addition, while we are currently in the midst of yen depreciation, we believe that the demand of people who want to come to Japan from all over the world is increasing to a record high.
So we thought we should take advantage of this situation.
We believe that February 2024 is the best time to hold the event, as it will be easier for the host city to use, and the burden on the host city will be less.
I believe that 2024 will be the best year in order to cherish the bonds in the amateur volleyball community that have continued since 2018.

We want to make mixed volleyball a promising sport.
Mixed volleyball is a developing sport.
Although it is not yet popular all over the world, we would like to make this sport enjoyable for men and women of all ages and be recognized and enjoyed by people all over the world.

One of them is the World Cup.
This world cup will be held in Japan this time, but like marathons and other developed sports, we would like to create a society in the future where people from all over the world can connect more easily through mixed volleyball.
I think the first step for the goal is the world cup. First of all, we will start by connecting with volleyball freaks around the world and strengthening our relationships.
Considering various thoughts, we have decided that this timing in 2024 is the best for us.







◇ Why Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture?

There is an ocean, castles, and flowers.Tateyama is very attractive as a tourist city.Before the first world cup was held, we visited Tateyama with my family almost 20 times including preparations and meetings.There are delicious foods and many sightseeing spots; above all, it has a deep history.
We felt a great power in Tateyama City, where ancient people called “Jomon people” lived.
While holding events such as beach volleyball and mixed volleyball, we were also impressed by the warmth of the local people.

This time for sure, we would like to hold an event which please the local people because we were not able to make it so in the previous tournament.




◇Category of the 2nd World Cup

The first world cup was held in 3 categories:no restrictions (hereinafter referred to as FREE), age restrictions (hereinafter referred to as Total220), and height restrictions (hereinafter referred to as Under 185cm).
We had well-excited matches in every category, and no rule-related problems were found.

Due to the schedule of the second World Cup, there will be two categories: FREE and Total220. The age category is a game where the total age of players on the court from the start to the end of the match must be 220 years or older.

Why is the total age 220?

According to some data, the average life expectancy of people in the world was 74 years old, so the half of the age ”37” x 6 people is derived.
We want to make it enjoyable for men and women of all ages as a lifelong sport.


第一回大会は、制限なし(以降、FREE)、年齢制限あり(以降、Total220)、身長制限あり(以降、Under 185cm)の3カテゴリーで大会を行いました。どのカテゴリーもとても白熱した良い試合が多く、ルール上の問題はありませんでした。




◇Regarding the Rules

Safety-conscious rules based on the FIVB 6-player rule (general 6-player rule) are adopted.
Basic Rule: FIVB rule (no VAR Judgment)
Exceptional rules: no jump serve, no back attack, libero 3-person rule, net height: 234cm (FREE), 224cm (Total220),
ball: MIKASA international official ball V200W (FREE), JMVA official ball MVB010 (Total220)

Introducing the History of Mixed Volleyball Rules and My Thoughts

Twenty years ago, when I devised the mixed volleyball rules, I held test tournaments with three rules. One of them is a tournament with play restrictions for male competitors.The second one is an attack restriction with no gender restrictions.The third one is a tournament with no restrictions.
For all tournaments, the height of the net was 224 cm, which is the official height of the women’s division.
As a result of several tests, there were no major accidents and no signs of an accident, so the height of the net was set at 224cm.The third rule, which was appreciated by many of the participants, was based on the rule of no play restrictions on gender.
Personally, I found the rules prohibiting men’s jumping attacks interesting, but I had some doubts about the competitiveness of the game, so I gave up on it, which is a fond memory.

After that, as a result of twists and turns, and of various trials and errors, with the desire to grow this mixed volleyball to a sport where the rally should continue as long as possible, and all players should work together to aim for victory, and only one super player should not bring a victory; we improved the ball, adopted a three-man libero rule, and banned jump serves and back attacks.
In addition, for player’s safety, we have tightened rules to prevent injuries, such as penetration faults (passing the center line, overnet), touch nets, and no entry into the opponent’s court free zone.

In the previous world cup, the height of the net was 243 cm (FREE), 224 cm (Total 220, Under 185 cm), and other rules including the ball were held.
The participants understood and there were no major problems, but we regret that the originality was a little strong.

As mentioned above, the second tournament will basically adopt the FIVB rules and the three-libero rule, with no jump serves and no back attacks as an exceptional rule.
For the height of the FREE net, we decided to adopt 234cm, which is between the men’s official 243cm and the women’s official 224cm.
Considering attacks by female players and their safety. The net height for Total220 is 224cm as before.
MIKASA internationally certified balls are adopted for FREE, and JMVA official balls are adopted for Total220.

We wanted to use official JMVA balls that are suitable for mixed sports, but since JMVA official sales promotion and public relations have not been done worldwide, we decided MIKASA internationally-certified balls certified by FIVB are used in the highly competitive FREE.


例外ルール:ジャンプサーブ禁止、バックアタック禁止、リベロ3人制、ネット高さ:234cm(FREE)、224cm(Total220)、ボール:MIKASA国際公認球 V200W(FREE)、JMVA公式球 MVB010(Total220)




前回の世界大会ではネットの高さは243cm(FREE)224cm(Total220、Under 185cm)、その他はボールを含めて独自ルールで開催を行いました。参加していただいた皆さんにはご理解を頂き大きな問題はなかったのですが、オリジナリティーが少し多かったと反省がありました。



◇ Thoughts on Mixed Sports

Mixed-gender sports are a form of new competition that is taking off as a 21st-century modern sport.In major sports; tennis, table tennis, and badminton are all officialized, and individual sports such as ekiden and judo are becoming mixed sports.

In mixed-gender sports, it is necessary to focus on athletes regardless of gender, without changing the weight of one point based on gender, while paying attention to avoiding injuries and accidents.
Since ancient times, only equestrian events have been held at the Olympic Games, regardless of gender or age.
At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, mixed competitions such as table tennis, badminton, triathlon, shooting, archery and track and field were held.

The important thing in holding mixed-gender sports is to optimize the “environment, equipment, and competition rules”. The environment refers to things like toilets and changing rooms.
For indoor sports, toilets and changing rooms are installed, so there is no problem, but it is important to note that they may not be permanently installed outdoors.
Equipment refers to equipment necessary for playing games such as nets, goals, balls and courts.
Competition rules need careful consideration to prevent injuries caused by differences in strength between men and women.

In the case of volleyball, there are competitions where there are differences in the number of men and women, and scores obtained by women (scores got by women are counted double); however, I believe that the number of athletes in mixed-gender sports should be equal basically.
There are pros and cons to adding more points to women than men, but we have come to the conclusion that the weight of one point should not be changed by players due to the nature of the competition.
For net sports where there is little contact with the opposing team, they are ideal as a mixed sport.
Soccer, futsal, basketball, and baseball can all be safe and enjoyable mixed-gender sports depending on ideas, but depending on the event organizer, they can also be very dangerous sports.
It is important for the organizer to consider player’s safety so that more people can enjoy it, and for the players to participate after judging whether there are any problems with the rules.
Mixed sports are the most ideal way for introducing sports in increasing the sports population.

I hope that there will be more safe sports that men and women of all ages can enjoy! !



男女混合スポーツは、怪我や事故のないように配慮しつつ、 性別による1点の重みを変えず、性別を超えて競技者にクローズアップしていくことが必要です。オリンピックでは古来より馬術のみ性別や年齢に関係なく大会が開催されています。東京2020オリンピックでは、卓球やバドミントン、トライアスロン、射撃、アーチェリー、陸上競技等も混合大会が実施されました。