Tournament details


混合バレーボールの価値と魅力を世界中に届ける。それがMixed Volleyballワールドカップ。

Purpose of the tournament

To deliver how valuable and attractive mixed volleyball is to the whole world through this Mixed Volleyball World Cup. At the time of the pandemic and the world has still been chaotic, we believe that Sports has power to bring people together.
In the second tournament in 2024, we will make this tournament the one that gives dreams and hopes to many people around the world.


大会期間 2024年2月22日(木)~25日(日)
選手到着日 2024年2月22日(木)
開会式 2024年2月23日(金)
クロージングセレモニー 2024年2月24日(土)夜
閉会式 2024年2月25日(日)
場所 千葉県館山市

Schedule, location

Player arrival date February 22, 2024 (Thursday)
Opening ceremony February 23, 2024 (Friday)
Tournament period February 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 2024
Closing ceremony Saturday night, February 24, 2024
Location:Tateyama in Chiba


・入国査証 <入国>an entry visa 指定ホテル利用の際には無料
・送迎(空港ーホテル) 有償にて可能
・送迎(体育館ーホテル) ホテル宿泊者は無料で可能
・送迎(ホテル-買い物、レストラン、観光) 有償にて可能
・食事 有償にて可能※ハラルフード 事前連絡のみ可能

Accommodation, transportation, meals/hotels

The designated accommodation is the Tateyama Resort Hotel *Teams residing in Japan must stay at the hotel overnight. Overseas teams can stay at another hotel (hotel fees are paid by the participating teams)
・Entry visa <entry> short term visa can be arranged by us when using the designated hotel.
・Transportation (airport-hotel)
・Transfer (gymnasium to hotel): □Accommodation, transportation, meals/hotels
・Tateyama Resort Hotel *Teams residing in Japan must stay overnight. Overseas teams can stay at another hotel (hotel fees are paid by the participating teams)
・Entry visa <entry> an entry visa free when using designated hotels
・Transportation (airport-hotel) possible with fee
・Transfer (gymnasium to hotel): free for hotel guests
・Transportation (hotel – shopping, restaurants, sightseeing) possible with fee
・Meals available with fee
*Halal food only available with advance notice free for hotel guests
・Transportation (hotel – shopping, restaurants, sightseeing) possible with few
・Meals available with fee
*Halal food only available with advance notice



Teams participating in the previous tournament

Japan, USA, Hawaii, Kazakhstan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan
*This tournament is currently open for applications


・参加資格 各国地域協会推薦チーム。1人1チームのみでの登録。(日本在住チーム指定ホテルで宿泊すること)
・募集チーム数   FREE:12チーム    侍:6チーム
・大会カテゴリー  FREE:誰でも参加可能    侍:コート上にいる選手の合計年齢が常に220歳以上であること
・ネットの高さ   FREE:234CM(男子公式値243と女子公式値224の中間値)  侍:224CM
・ボール      FREE:MIKASA国際公認球  侍:JMVA球
・対戦方式     1日目、2日目の結果を基に3日目の順位決定戦を行う。
・試合方式     すべて3セットマッチ。3セット目は25点。各セットジュースの上限は30点。
・審判        大会役員で行います。
・ユニフォーム   参加国で準備。一見して国や市が連想できるように配慮をお願いしたい。番号は00-99までとする。
・大会ルール    下記のルールを除きFIVBルール準拠











Tournament requirements

・Participation qualification Each country’s regional association recommended team. Registration is limited to one team per person. (To stay at a hotel designated by the team living in Japan)
・Tournament category FREE: Anyone can participate Samurai: The total age of players on the court must always be 220 years or older
・Number of recruiting teams FREE: 12 teams Samurai: 6 teams
・Net height FREE: 234CM((Intermediate value between male official value 243 and female official value 224)) Samurai: 224CM
・Ball FREE: MIKASA internationally recognized ball Samurai: JMVA ball
・Battle format Based on the results of the 1st and 2nd days, the ranking match will be held on the 3rd day.
・Match format All 3-set matches. The third set is 25 points. The upper limit of each set juice is 30 points.
・The referee Tournament officials.
・Uniform Prepared by participating countries. We would like to ask for consideration so that the country or city can be associated. The number should be 00-99.
・Tournament rules FIVB rules compliant except for the following rules

1-1 alternating male/female rotation

The starting members will alternate between 3 males and 3 females in a male-female alternating rotation. In addition, if there is an error in the lineup sheet (male/female ratio is not alternate, libero registration is missing, etc.), give 1 point to the opposing team and return it to the correct position. If the match can be played correctly with the lineup sheet once submitted, resubmission is not allowed. In addition, substitutions are limited to those of the same sex, including the libero.

1-2 No Back-row Attack

Back-row players cannot return a ball that is completely above the net to the opposing team. If the above is violated, it will be treated as a back player’s foul.

1-3 No Jump Serve

The server must have both feet or one foot in the service zone when performing the service. Any violation will be treated as a service violation.

1-4 Libero Players

A team can register 4 libero players per game, 2 men and 2 women. Also, three liberos can be on the court at the same time. Libero players must wear JMVA-approved libero bibs over their team uniforms.

1-5 Game Captain

The game captain wears the JMVA original captain badge. (must be worn where the referee can see it)